Is PPC Right For My Business


PPC (which stands for pay-per-click), refers to those advertisements which generally appear in the small box to the right of search engine results. When considering whether or not to use PPC as your primary form of marketing, there are several things you should definitely take into account.


Because you are paying per click to your advertisement, PPC advertising can get very expensive very quickly. If you are paying $.12 per click, and 100 people click on your advertisements, you’ve already spent $12 before you have made a single cent. Due to this, PPC advertising is better suited to businesses with high cost products. By this I mean that if your product is over $100, and you are making $80 in profit for every sale, you wouldn’t even think twice about paying $12 for 100 potential customers.

We spoke with the AdWords consulting experts at Clicks Geek and they said if your profit margins are significantly lower than that, the cost of advertising could begin to eat into your profits. So decide whether or not the price that you would be paying per click is actually worth it.

In addition, if you know that your website content is not exactly of the highest quality, you should probably steer away from PPC.

Larger search engines like Google bear in mind not only how much you are willing to pay to have your ad displayed, but also the caliber of the content you provide. If you are giving users a lot of high quality information, Google will look upon your ad appreciatively, and might charge you less. If not, you might end up incurring higher costs.

Visitor Conversion:

What is the likelihood that a visitor to your website will actually end up buying your product or service? This is another important factor you have to think about. To determine this, go back over your past conversion statistics. Of every hundred people or so who visited your website, how many of them made you money?

Now, keep in mind that even if this percentage was extremely low, this does not mean that PPC is not the correct strategy for you. There are things that you can do to increase it. You will just have to be extremely careful in how you proceed with your advertising. If you structure your advertisement and your website in such a way that the landing page gets contact data, or appeals to your visitor’s decision-making process, you will undoubtedly get higher conversions.

Niche Products/Services

One of the main reasons that visitors browse the internet for their purchases instead of visiting traditional brick-and-mortar stores is because they are looking for something that cannot be found in a traditional manner. They are looking for something specific.

If your product or service caters to a specific niche, PPC is a stellar advertising strategy. The users who search for niche keywords are often already prepared to make a purchase, and your advertisement will capture their attention right at the exact moment in which they are primed to buy.

Also, niche keywords are often a good deal cheaper than more common keywords, simply because there is not a large amount of competition for them.

Pay per click marketing is now one of the most common methods of marketing on the internet. Chances are, it could work incredibly well for your business. But because of the high potential costs, it is not something that you should rush into without careful consideration. Thinking through your advertising strategy thoroughly beforehand could mean the difference between the most successful advertising campaign your business has ever had, and flat out failure.

How to Build a WordPress Website for Product Conversion


So, you are an online entrepreneur looking to gain more sales revenue by building a WordPress website for your business? With high quality products and positive Internet Lifestyle Network reviews, there is really no difficulty getting people to buy the products you promote on your site,but the real stumper is how to get the people to your site in the first place. WordPress is one of the best options if you want a free blogging platform from where you can showcase the products as an affiliate and also if you want to become the best Internet lifestyle network sponsor for other affiliates in the program.
Building a WordPress Site Designed for Optimum Conversion

Step 1:
Register your domain. Choose a domain name that has the keywords related to the niche where your products belong to make them easier to find online. Godaddy is one of the best places for domains since they regularly have domain sales.

Step 2:
Find your host. This host should support WordPress installations so you can use the free or paid WordPress themes for your site.

Step 3:
Chose the theme you want by logging on to the WordPress site and going to your Dashboard, where you can start customizing your site. You also need to add plug-ins and widgets, such as social networking, payment options and links to your other affiliate marketing sites.
Step 4:
Customize. Add images of the products you want to promote, as well as organic content to go with the products. Organic and relevant content that are useful to potential readers and related to the products you are promoting will help draw traffic to your site and help you rank higher in search engine rankings. Use tags to make your content more visible to search engines online. You can use Google Keyword Tools to know what root and LSI keywords and tags are best to use with a particular content for a specific product.
Creating a site is important if you want to succeed as an affiliate and WordPress is making it easier for you with its marketing-friendly templates for easy-to-build sites.

Joomla Website Design – Hire BBhistoric


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Conversion Optimized Web Design


Most businesses & organizations have expanded the scope of search engine optimization to generate more leads, and increase conversion rates. A conversion optimized web design is the best thing you can do to expand the reach of your website and attract more customers.

With such web design, it becomes easier to keep the end users satisfied, and make sure that you’re able to target a specific market to increase conversions. However, most business organizations don’t know what involves a conversion optimized website design. In this post, we’ve discussed 3 essential traits of such a web design.

The Website Should Be Usable

Usability lays the foundation for conversion optimized design. It is the most important aspect you should focus on. For instance, if you consider your website to be a house, usability is the standard building code requirement that makes the design work for human beings.

Instructions like ceilings should be a specific height, doors need to be wide and light switches should be wired in an appropriate manner make sure the design is functional and practical. Usability makes the design easy, efficient and safe for end users.

The Design Needs To Be Persuasive 

A conversion optimized web design should always be persuasive. The interface should be obvious, easy to use and clear. It’s not sufficient for the design to be just usable. It needs to be convincing, and make a visitor take a desired action. In simple terms, usability paves the road for higher conversion rates.

Web Design Should Be Properly Prioritized 

Even when a web design is persuasive and usable, it may still fall short of being properly conversion optimized. You need to make sure that visitors are able to understand their priorities. When there are multiple options on the website, you need to prioritize calls to action.

While developing a conversion optimized web design, you need to focus on these 3 essential traits to make the most of your marketing campaign. Interested in SEO or online marketing? Visit our friends over at Snap Revenue, they have the best rated seo services in philadelphia!

WordPress Website Designs


Since the inception of WordPress, this platform has grown to become one of the biggest CMSs ever created. This platform can be used to create highly functional blogs or websites that are SEO optimized for Google. WordPress is both priceless and free in the same time. Priceless because it offers so many features and options that is literally impossible not to find the right website design for you. Free because hosting a standard blog or site is free of charge.

Why we are Proud to Represent WordPress?

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Benefits of Choosing Us

All our websites are built to last. Every single WordPress theme we create or use is responsive, which means it will automatically adapt to all mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Millions of potential mobile customers will have access to your website and will be able to enjoy a smooth navigation experience. Additionally, our themes are built as a part of the Genesis Framework, a large network of more than 100,000 users worldwide that provides top-notch security and full protection against phishing attacks or malware.

Another reason to choose philadelphia website design professionals like us is the wide variety of gadgets, widgets and page layouts you can use to personalize your website or blog. Moreover, our templates and themes are specially designed to please Google, so your blog and website can rank extremely high in search engines in a short matter of time.

As a recommended WordPress affiliate and as a well-famed member of the, we are proud and also eager to work with you and design some top-notch websites and blogs for your company that will literally boost your authority in your niche and give you an advantage over your competition. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to exceed your expectations.