Fire Your Broker Using Flippa’s New FBA Business Marketplace

Fulfillment by Amazon businesses has become one of the most popular business models used in the world today. They are also called FBA businesses. These have been talked about online for many years, and there are courses that will show you how to connect with Amazon, find wholesalers, and complete the process where your products are sold and fulfilled by Amazon. On the other hand, Flippa is a large website that sells online businesses and domains. They are well-known in the Internet marketing industry. People have set up websites in a period of several months, only to sell them for five or six figures very easily. Due to the popularity of Amazon FBA websites, they have added a new business marketplace where you can list your fulfillment by Amazon business, or purchase one, and the transaction will occur on the Flippa platform.

Why Would You Want To Buy One Of These Businesses?

First of all, these businesses are becoming the standard by which individuals are able to create a profitable online company. One of the reasons that it works is that you are able to tap into the buyer’s network that Amazon has with millions of people that once had byproducts coming to their website every day. When you have that type of traffic, and they are all geared to purchase items, you have a higher probability of making sales. Second, Amazon takes care of the fulfillment process. Once all of the products have been shipped to the Amazon fulfillment center, they will handle the packaging, shipping, and all of the returns. Finally, you are literally getting a business that is fully functional. They have already done the hard work. Sometimes it is difficult to find someone to source products from, and if you are selling health-related products that are created by a company such as vitamins, these are very hard to initially set up. You can bypass all of these problems by simply bidding on these different companies that have already gone through the hard work for you. They have created a profitable business, and they are simply wanting to sell it so that you can profit from it just like they do.

Is It Easy To Have The Business Transferred Over To You?

It’s actually very easy to do so. Amazon actually allows the transfer to go through Flippa so it is completely seamless. If you have ever purchased a website on Flippa before, it will be the same process except this will be for Amazon FBA sites. All you have to do is look at what is in the marketplace right now, evaluate the business on your own, and consider how much you are willing to pay. Sometimes they have very reasonable offers, whereas others are going to be outrageously expensive by comparison to how much the business actually makes. Take this service for example¬† With so many people taking courses on how to make these businesses, and to set them up, there is a constant stream of FBA businesses that are in the marketplace. In fact, the only reason that Flippa has decided to do this is that of the sheer volume of FBA sites that are coming available. In addition to that, those that are making them are actually making quality businesses that are producing a revenue. Flippa only likes to provide websites that offer quality to their customers that may purchase websites all the time. Understanding the value of these websites, they have decided to create their very own platform where these can be purchased.

Why Will You Be Able To Fire Your Broker?

The reason that people will use a broker in order to sell their website is that they have no way of contacting people that will be potential buyers. In most cases, the broker will have people that he has worked with before, and he can present your website to them, hoping to make a sale. However, when you have an Amazon FBA site, the people that have purchased this particular type of website from them might be limited. That is why using Flippa with this new platform may be the easiest way for you to sell your FBA website that is currently very popular. In addition to this, if you are using your broker to find the website that uses Amazon FBA, it may take several months to find just a few that you can evaluate. Now, because of the popularity of Flippa, and the volume of FBA websites that are being produced, you will have hundreds to choose from every month. Once you have the system for evaluating them, and also looking at the prices that they are charging, you should be able to purchase a few of these every month that is going to generate a substantial profit.

How Do You Get Started With Purchasing Amazon FBA Businesses On Flippa?

When you go to their website, you will see a link where you can fill a form which is called a buyer expression of interest form, specifically for Amazon FBA businesses. If you are interested in selling your Amazon FBA site, there is also another form called the seller expression of interest form that you will fill out and submit. If you are selling, they will take all of your information and they will list your FBA site in such a way that people will be interested in buying it. Likewise, for those that are looking to purchase one, once you get access to this platform, you may see several that you will want to purchase right away. In regard to transfers, Amazon FBA accounts are very easy to transfer over. Unlike a regular business where there is a product that must be transferred from one person to the next, everything is already set up to be shipped to the Amazon distribution center. Therefore, they already have the products that are sold through your company, and you already have a relationship set up between the manufacturer and Amazon. You simply need to purchase more of the products when your stock is low, have them sent to Amazon fulfillment center, and your business will continue on without taking possession of any products at all. That’s why changing ownership is so easy with Flippa because Amazon FBA accounts require no product transference at all. In addition to this, unlike traditional websites that are sold, there is no domain, or hosting, that needs to be transferred over. This is literally the easiest type of online business that you can take possession of, or sell because everything is set up in conjunction with the Amazon fulfillment center platform. Once the ownership is transferred, there is literally nothing else that changes, and that’s why buying or selling Amazon FBA sites on Flippa is so easy.

If you have been thinking about getting rid of your broker because he hasn’t been able to sell your Amazon FBA site, or if they have not been able to find one for you that is to your liking, Flippa will do all of that for you and more. You will soon be able to have access to uncountable numbers of FBA sites that will be profitable, and you will also have a platform to sell all of yours in record time. The combination of the largest retail platform in the world with the largest platform for selling and buying websites is a union that is perfectly matched. If you have ever been interested in buying or selling Amazon FBA sites, you should check out the new FBA business marketplace on Flippa that will provide these options for you.

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